Our story

Cointal is the most unexpected event in all of our lives. Back in the time, we didn't even know what blockchain or cryptocurrencies were. We used to spend most of our time hanging around, playing with a ball, studying, discovering the internet, and sometimes being bad kids. We were living our childhood at its utmost. But then again we had to grow up, some of us split midway to build up their lives... And here we meet again, all gathered again, ready for the next adventure. Our CEO, Imad, has been fond of always being one step ahead of the curve. By the age of 17, he was already a millionaire by following and working with such a rule that seems rather simple at first. ''It's all about efforts'', says Imad. ''If you don't like something in life, you can either do nothing, or do something. And we have already tried nothing. You can't expect anything without putting in some days of work.'' And that's how he used to trigger us. And that's when we started to learn how to trade.

The funny part is how Cointal was first mentionned. We were chilling, trading, and just got sick of all the inconveniences over the net.

- Hey! said one of us. Imagine if there was some sort of... cryptocurrency marketplace where people can sell or buy directly? Would be cool, right?

- Yeah, continued another. I wish something that great could happen.

At this idea, our CEO got stuck. It was during these 5 seconds of silence that Cointal and most of its assets were given life.

We started working on this platform the day that followed.

We went on and hired the best developing team around, one that had thoroughly worked with a korean giant. The whole concept became clearer as we pushed forward. It took us around a year to make our common dream come true. Now, our website is readied, and we are ready to go on a journey to make history.

Our Team

Mohammed Imad G

CEO and Founder

Ahmed Oudghiri



IT Director

Joseph Azzouzi


Sara Vasquez

Graphic Designer

Reda Lazrak

Business Manager

Zak Yacoubi

Financial Manager

Camelia Oujit

Translator / Author


Web Developer


Graphic Designer

Mehdi Boumchita

Community Relations Specialist

Abdel Alami

Marketing and Event Communications


Cointal is incorporated in London, has an IT & Support Office in Casablanca, Fes, and operates Worldwide